Woven Clutch 

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, 2014

The mini collection of bags, inspired by looms and knitting machines from different cultures and periods, examines the relationship and the hierarchy between the tool, instrument and the product produced by it.

The clutch bag constructed as a weaving loom, made of two rigid panels. Each panel comprised of two layers of sole leather, and functions as the bag’s handle. Sole leather goes through a particular tanning process that transforms it into a dense and firm material. The unique material attribute informed the design of the bag.

The two panels are weaved and interweaved via the bag’s gusset. The three-dimensional weaving loom generates the volume of the bag. The combination of the materials resulted in a rich and textured textile. Magnets embedded in the two panels allow the bag to close. Weaving shuttles inspired the overall silhouette of the bag.

The colourful stitching emphasizes the bag’s structure and its construction process. The orange waxed polyester thread serves as the wrap, the base structure of the weave. The weft consists of several different leather cords, straps, formed and dyed parchment.