Woven Backpack

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design , 2014

The mini collection of bags, inspired by weaving looms and knitting machines from different cultures and periods, examines the relationship and the hierarchy between the tool, instrument and the product produced by it.

The backpack’s main reference is the backstrap loom. The bag’s development included the exploration of different ways in which the loom could be placed and integrated with the body. The backpack merges the loom, the wrap and the weaving ‘yarns’, the weft into one element that blurs the boundaries of the tool and its outcome.

The leather bag is constructed only of four pieces. It was laser cut, aniline-dyed and assembled by hand. Refining the final layout required the production of several mockups and samples. The bag’s lining made of parchment is printed with a weave pattern, scanned from a textile, designed and woven by my grandmother.