Knitted Basket

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, 2014

The mini collection of bags, inspired by looms and knitting machines from different cultures and periods, examines the relationship and the hierarchy between the tool, instrument and the product produced by it.

The knitting loom was the main inspiration for the bag’s design. The bag grows from its leather base, and the volume follows the gusset's form. The curved shape was realized by wet moulding. Soaking the leather in water and shaping it on a solid last, drying and retaining the rounded profile. 

Vegetable-tanned leather has versatile qualities and can be simultaneously rigid and soft. Depending on the treatment, in the same piece of skin different stiffnesses are achieved. The knitting ‘pegs’ detail design was informed by this unique feature. After the knitting is complete the straps are folded and stitched to the base of the bag, securing the knit in place.

The leather cords keep the basket’s shape. They are soft and pleasant for the touch. The bag’s lining is digitally printed parchment with a weaving pattern. The stitching detail corresponds to the printed pattern from the interior and its decorative role is highlighted using the orange thread.